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I've been feeling bored with my hair color for a while now, so I decided I was going to dye it. I found a dye purporting to be made for dark brown hair and I picked a shade of bright red. Well. I sort of forgot that the last time I dyed my hair (4+ years ago), there was a lot less of it-- it's currently waist length, not just below my shoulders.

Of course I didn't buy two packages of dye like a sane person. Of. Course. Not. Ahahaha.

Add to that I was rushing to get the stuff on and off my head because zomgthefumessobadargh, and I ended up with kind of a piss-poor dye job. -_-;; See, the resulting color is bright cherry kool-aid red, and the un-dyed bits are a REALLY OBVIOUS medium brown... oh yeah, it's fab.

After much consultation with Facebook, I'm going to buy two more boxes of dye tomorrow and try to get the spots I missed.