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Aug. 3rd, 2012

Decided to re-listen to the audiobook of Christopher Moore's 'Fool' the other day and was surprised to realize Euan Morton is the (excellent) narrator. I thought there was a reason I liked the Inquisitor's voice in SWTOR so much.

I think I'm developing a crush on his voice, actually. >.> Currently listening to another audiobook he reads, Guy Gavriel Kay's 'The Lions of Al-Rassan'. It's something of an experiment to check if it's the author or the narrator that left me not particularly enthused with 'Tigana'. The result will determine if I spend my next Audible credit on Kay's 'A Song for Arbonne' or Moore's 'Sacre Bleu' (both, not coincidentally, narrated by Morton XD).

I've also been re-discovering Daria courtesy of Hulu. I bought myself the complete DVD of the series and it came today. Excited! (Even though I'm already up to season 5 on Hulu -- but they don't have the movies up and I didn't own "Is it Fall Yet?")